ASAPdiamonds’ core business consists of creating enhanced and faster synergies between the supply and demand of diamond thanks to the digitalization of diamond requests and offers through a state-of-the-art international platform. Too often in our industry, old-fashioned methods (such as ad valvas announcements ) are used to communicate.    
The disadvantages of that system are a limited, local reach and out-of-date information. The international aspect of the diamond industry on the one hand and a tool such as the internet on the other, offer the sector the opportunity to broaden our approach. We have therefore developed an internationally-oriented online diamond request and offer platform.

The Antwerp diamond industry will be the key player in this international development. The ASAPdiamonds’ platform will allow us to pick up where we left off and win back essential territory on an international basis. By successfully creating some transparency in the demand and offer for diamonds, new business opportunities will be created and the position of Antwerp as diamond centre of the world will be reinforced.